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Kenya Culture and Traditions

Experience Kenya's rich culture, heritage and Traditions

A Kikuyu dancer in traditional dress Kenya is a land of many cultures and Tribes and there are many opportunities to meet the people and learn their culture and traditions.

At the coast, you will find the Swahili people who are of a mixed Arab and African descent. There are also the Miji Kenda people, a group of nine related tribes. The word Kenda is the Swahili word for number Nine.

Further inland, you will find the Akamba, a Bantu speaking people famous for their trading past. Their land is dry hence the reliance on trade. They have developed an advanced craft industry that makes artifacts popular with tourists.

Moving further inland, you will reach Central province and the Mount Kenya highlands. This is home to other Bantu Tribes, the biggest ones being the Kikuyu, Embu and Meru. There is also the well known Masai, a Nilotic people that live in the central region of Kajiado, near Nairobi.

Masai women in traditional attire Further inland past the central highlands, you will reach the Rift Valley province, home to the Nilotic tribes of Masai and Kalenjin. There are also many Kikuyu, Kisii and Luo people living in the Rift Valley.

The Western part of Kenya is home to the Bantu tribes of Luhya and Kisii living next to the Luo, a Nilotic tribe. All these peoples speak different languages and have different customs and practices

In the Northern part of Kenya, you will find several nomadic tribes, the biggest of who are the Samburu, Turkana, Rendille and Somalis. These people practice a nomadic lifestyle due to the dry climate in the area which is only suitable for cattle herding.

Visitors come to Kenya to learn about the different African cultures that exist here. This is usually done through cultural visits and tours where visitors can live with local people for several days or weeks and learn about their way of life.

Sometimes, many life-long friendships are developed between visitors from foreign countries and their kenyan hosts.


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